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Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering Mentalism Effects & Magic Tricks...

This Revolutionary step-by-step mentalism mastery method slashes your learning time...and will have you astonishing people tonight... even if you've never done mentalism or magic in your life!

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Imagine gasps of amazement... astonished friends... and jaws on the floor...
"Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering Mentalism Effects & Magic Tricks... in Less Than 30 Days - Guaranteed!"

From: Ryan Clark & Mr. X
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Future Mentalism & Magic Guru,
If you’ve ever dreamed of breaking away from the pack, and quickly mastering mentalism and magic at a level that blows away even hardcore professional mentalists and magicians… then this is gonna be the most exciting message you ever read. 
Here’s why: One of the most sought-after pro magicians and mentalists in the biz has finally agreed to share the amazing “Master Mentalism Magic Shortcuts” that other magicians and mentalists have paid a fortune to learn from him. 
And some of these pro’s are pissed off that he’s revealing these secrets to people outside the magic and mentalism industry. They don’t want guys like you to know that the skills behind their killer magic tricks and awesome mentalism and mind control stunts… are actually easy to master. Once you have the shortcuts. (Some of these veterans feel their careers are now threatened.) 
These are the secrets that can take any mentalist or magician at any level (even just starting out)… and launch you into a whole new world of amazing skills that will leave other magicians and mentalists in awe. 
You wanna “crack the magician’s code” revealing the secret skills that keep guys like Criss AngelDavid BlaineDavid Copperfield & Derren Brown astonishing people year after year… and yet not have to surfer the years of failure before finally being able to perform at the level that most mentalists and magicians fear? 
You wanna astonish people with fresh, powerful and nasty tricks and illusions they’ll remember for the rest of their lives? You want the kind of permanent skills that earn instant respect… and make doing magic and mentalism fun again? 
And you wanna be able to begin using your new skills tonight, in the heat of a performance? 
Well, guess what? It can all be yours, faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Because these shortcuts work for anyone – whether you’re a shy kid who’s never done a magic trick in his life, or a veteran magician or mentalist who’s hit a stale plateau and desperately needs to get to the next level. 
That’s right. No matter where you are now, skill-wise… you can quickly and easily master the jaw-dropping feats of the best mentalists and magicians out there, you’ll uncover shortcuts to many skills:
  • Mentalism
  • Street Magic
  • Mind Reading
  • Hypnotism
  • Levitation
  • Remote Viewing
  • Card Tricks
  • Spoon Bending
  • Illusions
  • And So Much More...
All the truly killer skills and abilities will be yours. It’s all about the shortcuts.

Here’s the story: “Mr. X” is the go-to guy when professional magicians have a televisionspecial or a stage show coming up and they need to quickly develop some new material for their show. (He’s been called the “secret weapon” behind the coolest shows ever done.) And he’s freaking expensive, too. Superstars will delay the start of a new show until “Mr. X” has time to go over the details with them. So you know he has vision, wicked skills, and a cunning “bag of tricks” that keep him at the top of the game.
But he’s also one of the most hated guys around. Let’s face it… Not everyone in the industry appreciates “Mr. X” sharing the secrets behind their skills with people like you. If they could, they would lock “Mr. X” up someplace where no “civilians” could ever find him. This is why he refused to release this material without using an alias (which is why he’s only referred to as “Mr. X”)… 
…But he also believes that “the elite LA, Las Vegas, New York & London crowd” shouldn’t be the only ones that have access to these powerful insider secrets. 
So now you’ll have access to training from the most sought-after (and expensive) teacher around. Because he can take a raw 12-year-old kid… and have him constantly astonishing everyone he comes across in no time flat. 
So just imagine what he can do for you and your already bad-ass magic and mentalism. This will change your life. Immediately. 
Even more amazing… the skills he reveals are so simple, you can begin doing mind-boggling magic tricks and illusions starting as soon as you receive Master Mentalism, with total confidence and flair. Again – mentalism, magic tricks, mind reading, levitation, hypnotism, illusions any style of magic or mentalism you’re into just explodes and comes alive before your eyes. 
And you are suddenly the mentalist and magician in your town. Other guys will wanna go home and burn their decks of cards and “magic gimmicks” in frustration. You will own any room you walk into.

Here's What We've Got For You

The second “Mr. X” agreed to share his secrets, we put him up in a Las Vegas hotel.

We locked him in the hotel room while he was revealing ALL his secrets to quickly mastering mentalism and magic. Everything – including…

  • Simple tricks that will have you astonishing people starting tonight
  • The super shortcut magic and mentalism system you can use onstage, in the streets or anywhere, which guarantees you can perform mind-numbing magic and mentalism with total confidence. Don’t waste a second learning anything complicated that you’ll never use – instead, “Mr. X” shows you ONLY what you need to know. Best part: It’s easy, the way he teaches it!
  • Move like lightning through the 3 stages of magic and mentalism mastery: From “no clue at all” to “this is easy” in just a few short hours… and then on through “impress all your friends to the point you scare them”. This is sudden expertise that most magicians and mentalists never dream they can attain in a lifetime… yet you’ll be performing with total mastery almost overnight
  • Instantly learn the “insider” techniques behind Criss Angel, Derren Brown, David Blaine and David Copperfield (just to name a few) – super-popular stuff that will give you smoking “audience appeal” right off the bat!
  • How to think just like the pros – the one skill that separates the really talented mentalists and magicians (who make each routine shine and leave people begging for more) from the wannabe’s (who use the same old tricks over and over, because they can’t think out of the box). This skill alone will launch you into a whole new level of killer abilities.
  • The brilliant “X factor” that allows you to quickly master the coolest tricks and illusions you’ll ever use… and most of them will be unique – your own personal mentalism and magic “signature”. This kind of strategic performance is so simple , you’ll kick yourself for not figuring it out on your own. But almost no one ever does figure it out – until they’re shown the technique by a pro like “Mr. X”. (Priceless stuff that will change your life on the spot.)

And a ton more: Stunningly explosive techniques you can use tonight to pull off magic tricks like Criss Angel or David Blaine… Derren Brown mentalism feats or large-scale David Copperfield style illusions that give you instant magic and mentalism credentials… hypnosis methods that work the first time you use them… how to do street magic or levitations on the fly (forget about having to plan everything out ahead of time – here’s all you need to know)… plus pro decision-making tips so you know how and when to plug new tactics into your routines for maximum effect!
It just goes on and on. Magic, Mentalism, Illusions, Hypnosis, Levitations, Spoon-Bending, Remote Viewing, Mind Reading, Card Tricks, and tons of variations that will instantly give you…

Unique Killer Abilities!

Plus, “Mr. X” shares the secrets behind some of the greatest magic and illusions of all time, including How David Copperfield Made the Statue Of Liberty Disappear and various other magic classics.

If you’ve ever wondered how the magic you see on television is done, this is the answer to your prayers. This is huge, life-altering info for working magicians and mentalists.

You also get complete interviews with pros Criss Angel and David Blaine!

But don’t worry, although comprehensive, with the way everything is laid out, even the most stupefying tricks come alive, in simple and easy-to-master ways. This is the work of the best teacher in the game, who specializes in taking even rookie kids and turning them into mentalism monsters almost overnight.
It's all included in this special Master Mentalism package. The main guide is over 200 pages long, and put together so you get "Mr. X's" undivided attention. You can quickly learn everything he's teaching. There's never been ANYTHING like this in the history of magic and mentalism for people outside the "inner circle" of the industry. 
Even better, the entire program is delivered instantly online. Since you receive everything immediately there's no waiting for anything to be shipped. Everything is provided in a universal format so it works on any computer without any headaches. This means you can literally be going through the material 10 minutes from now. 
Even the most advanced professionals agree: "Mr. X" is the best thing to happen to magicians and mentalists who want to master the art, fast. 
And he put it ALL down within Master Mentalism.

How much? A drop-dead bargain. "Mr. X's" non-negotiable fee for private "face-to-face" lessons is a minimum $1,000 for each 2-hour session. What you get in this special package is worth $1,500 in private lessons - it's packed with all the tricks, tactics, tips and shortcuts that he's learned from years at the top of the mentalism and magic scene.
But you're not even gonna pay a fraction of that amount. Nope. Because "Mr. X" has agreed it's high time that even magicians and mentalists outside the "LA/Vegas/London/NY Scene" deserve to learn this stuff... and he doesn't want anyone shut out because of price.
So you can have the entire package for just $97.00 -> DISCOUNTED PRICE BELOW.

Get Master Mentalism Today For $4.95!

I know this material will have you doing incredible magic and mentalism starting right away. I know that Master Mentalism will improve your life by giving you new skills, building your confidence, making you more popular and more fun to be around.
Once you dig into Master Mentalism people may never see you in the same way again! 
There’s just one small problem: You must HURRY! Due to the extremely sensitive and secretive nature of the material revealed in Master Mentalism… this offer could be taken off the market at ANY time... And certainly the $4.95 Discount Offer is going away very soon! 
So it’s important that you claim your copy right now, while you can still get the limited-edition uncut-version for only $4.95
If you wait, you may miss out.

Plus You’ll Get These Three Limited Bonuses FREE When You Take Action Today
These bonuses are incredibly valuable all by themselves. Killer stuff… and they’re yours FREE when you claim Master Mentalism for Just $4.95!
But you must take action today. 
Here's What To Do Now:
 $4.95 Discounted Order Area
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Everything will be delivered instantly online. And, even though you're getting Master Mentalsim for only $4.95, you are still completely covered with a 60 Day 100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee, so you don't risk anything. 
But, you must hurry. This is life-changing information for any serious magician or mentalist. Claim your copy right now, while you're thinking about it.
P.S.: The current promotion where we’re giving away Master Mentalism for only $4.95 is a part of a market test we’re conducting to expose more people to our products to hopefully make them long term customers. The regular price of Master Mentalism is $97. Once we’ve completed my market test, one or more of the following things will happen: 1) The price goes back to $97.00. 2) The entire offer is removed forever.
So if you’re at all interested, you should claim your $4.95 copy right now.
P.P.S.: Still skeptical? I completely understand, you don’t know me or “Mr. X” and maybe you’re not sure if this is the right system for you. But consider this… I'm taking all the risk. If after trying Master Mentalism you're not blown away, even though it was only $4.95, just let me know and I'll immediately refund every penny with no hassle and no questions asked. Not only that, but you get to keep the entire system and the bonuses just for giving it a fair try.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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Finally Revealed: How Dr. Carl Bamlet and others have fought and beat cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases and more - Without going hungry! ... bigoffers...offers ...offer

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Finally Revealed: How Dr. Carl Bamlet and others have fought and beat cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases and more - Without going hungry!

Hi there,
If you want a chance to possibly add decades to your life, lose weight and avoid some life-threatening illnesses, I want you pay close attention as I explain exactly why the modern food industry is designed to keep you unhealthy AND addicted as long as possible.
I’ll also show you how to beat them at their own game and prevent all those preventable illnesses that come from eating their “Frankenstein foods.”
And you can do that while burning fat and having boundless amounts of energy in the process!
Plus, you don’t have to resort to crash dieting or fad diets that could wreck your metabolism and cause you to put on the pounds even more.
As the saying goes, “Health is wealth,” and I couldn’t agree more.
Being in great shape means being more productive at work and taking fewer sick days (if any).
But most of all, you won’t have to bleed your savings dry from medical bills!
So being healthy not only benefits you physically and mentally but financially, too!
You might be wondering, “How is this all possible?”
Well, I had my own share of health struggles not too long ago...
Yes, it was the big “C,” and this harrowing experience had an effect on me.
But it wasn’t all bad. If anything, my challenges sent me on a personal quest to learn all I can about the hidden link between what you eat and the quality of your life.
After doing my own research as a medical professional and connecting with the leading experts in health and nutrition...
...I ended up discovering a number of revolutionary, natural illness-prevention methods with the science to back it up.

Discover The Greatest Threats To Human Health - And What To Do About It!

Let’s just say it’s not in their best interests if everyone learned the truth.
And today, you’re about to take your first step into a world that most people only dream about.
I’m talking about a world where you can enjoy your life AND not be overweight or exhausted all the time.
You’ll finally be free of the grip of processed food that’s slowly poisoning everyone...
...and escape the prison of unhealthy habits and poor lifestyle choices.
What I’m offering you right now is a different kind of freedom that will allow your body to function the way nature intended.
Just imagine what you could accomplish if you were always running at 100%. Think about the impact that would make on your career, as well as your personal and professional relationships.
That’s why I’m inviting you to be part of a growing revolution that rejects the lies that the pharmaceutical industry has been drilling into our heads for DECADES.
In my opinion, we’ve been told that their drugs are the ONLY way to cure illness, but you’re about to learn that this is the farthest thing from the truth.
And I believe we should not forget the food companies and their disingenuous marketing teams who trick us into thinking their cheap, processed foods are ‘healthy’ or ‘low-fat.
I’m excited to show you how to get out from under that and join thousands of other people who are now enjoying a truly healthy lifestyle that’s completely sustainable.
Now, before we go on, I’d like to share a little about myself. I firmly believe that my experiences put me on a path that’s ultimately lead me to YOU…
...along with many others who’ve benefited from the discoveries I’ve made over the years.

The diagnosis that sparked my quest for answers

So who am I, and why should you listen to me?
My name is Dr. Carl Bamlet - I’m a chiropractor, certified nutrition specialist and a modern caveman.
I almost lost my life when I was just 19 years old. After enduring long months of excruciating headaches and blurred vision, it turned out I had something called pineal germinoma...
...otherwise known as brain cancer.
This illness turned my world upside down. I dropped out of college to undergo chemotherapy and radiation.
On top of that, I went through two brain surgeries and the drugs I had to take made me weak and sick all the time.
I was terrified of what my life had become.
The surgeries removed my tumor, but I was told there was still a significant chance of my cancer coming back in the years to come.
At less than 20 years old, it felt like a death sentence hanging over my head.
But it’s not the end of the world...
I thought to myself that I had to find a positive lining no matter how devastating my condition was.
And that’s what I did…
I was determined to take back my health.
My mission was clear: I had to figure out what I could do to rid myself of cancer, and maintain my cancer-free prognosis and live a long, full life.
I didn’t just want to fight cancer… I also wanted to help others like me find the answers to the same questions I had.
As I course through life, I became more and more aware of all of the people around me who were falling victim to crippling conditions such as obesity, heart illness, and Type 2 diabetes.
I saw my friends tragically lose their parents at a young age. Many of my family members also suffered.

All around me I saw lives being dictated by illness. This wasn’t the future I wanted for myself or my loved ones.

I felt powerless as I watched their health decline - it seemed like there was nothing I could do.
So, I wanted to empower myself and find a way to do something about this situation.
Thus, I began my journey into the world of natural illness prevention.
I made it my life’s mission to uncover the scientific truth of how you can take back your health, lose weight, and enjoy a long, happy, illness-free life.
I studied nutrition and chiropractic medicine in college. After that, I finished my doctorate as a chiropractor and went on to complete a postgraduate certificate in acupuncture.
However, I expanded my learning beyond the Western model of medicine because I didn’t get ALL the answers I was looking for.
So, I studied holistic medicine which included Eastern medical practices. I discovered incredible results when it came to natural illness prevention and reversal.
I sought experts all over the world and interviewed them. This helped me uncover a new approach to treating illnesses that I didn’t know about until now.
I investigated the claims of drug companies and pored over the results of their studies. I had to find out for myself if their claims were true...
...or if they were just pulling the wool over people’s eyes and exploiting an overfed and undernourished public.
Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of patients and personally witnessed a lot of success stories.
Most of them weren’t getting results with the traditional approach… they tried a different method which radically transformed their lives.
Slowly but surely, I put the pieces of the puzzle together. Throughout my journey, I applied the precious bits of hard-earned knowledge I picked up along the way.
Not only did my health improve, but I also managed to turn around my situation completely.

And today, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve been cancer-free for the last 12 years.

I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been.
It’s all because I discovered the nutritional truth behind the simple lifestyle changes that you can make, starting today…
...and these changes will create a MASSIVE impact on every aspect of your well-being.
But I’m not just talking about preventing illnesses such as cancer, obesity, heart illness, and type 2 diabetes. Using this simple but powerful lifestyle shift, you’ll also:
  • Lose weight and burn fat naturally AND effortlessly
  • Put the glow back in your hair and skin
  • Sharpen your mental focus like never before

  • Develop a strong and healthy body that can naturally resist some illnesses.

I want to share that journey with you, so that you and everyone you love can experience the same incredible benefits.


Complete Implementation System

This cutting-edge program is a Complete Implementation System for optimizing nutritional health, and it’s the culmination of my life’s work up to this point.
I couldn’t find anything out there like this, so I decided to create it to make a big difference in this world.
It contains the full recordings of the 8-part program (the original Food, Health, & You docuseries), PLUS several critical additions...
You’ll also receive 4 of the previously unseen episodes which haven’t been released to the general public - until now. These additional episodes are really important for you and your family’s health.
Also, you’ll receive companion guides that go with each episode to make it easier to go back to any of the episodes and quickly recap the information you want.
And you’ll get a few other FREE gifts which you’ll learn about in just a bit, so watch out for that...

You’ll also hear from regular people who experienced dramatic health improvements in their lives and overcame their life-threatening conditions.

In my opinion, this was the result of natural illness preventions and lifestyle changes that Big Pharma corporations and food companies don’t want you to know about!
You’ll also hear about my own journey with cancer, and what I did to change my life and make sure it would never haunt me again. Follow me as I go around the world to get direct access to life-saving information that most people will never have.
Thanks to the valuable insights you’ll get from this revolutionary series, you’ll able to achieve the following:
  • Prevent illness – Follow my plan to boost your immune system, improve your gut health, balance your hormones, optimize your metabolism, and so much more...
  • Manage your health – If you or your loved ones have been diagnosed with conditions like type 2 diabetes or autoimmune disease… or suffering from chronic systemic inflammation (which can lead to serious complications)... then you need to follow the recommendations from the experts you’ll meet in this series. You’ll acquire the tools to guide yourself or your loved ones back into good health.
  • Chance To Live Longer- I want you to live a full, healthy life filled with energy and vitality for decades to come!

Discover everything you need to know to escape the trap of the 21st-century lifestyle and reverse the damaging effects of processed, prepackaged food!

The Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System features a series of modules that contain shocking revelations and valuable information to put you on the path to excellent, long-term health. We’ll show you exactly how to heal you from the inside with the right foods to supercharge your immune system.
So, each module features an episode from the original Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System. Here’s a quick overview:
In Episode 1 (The Scary Truth About Sugar), you’ll discover the real reason why the so-called “expert” advice of eating less and exercising more is counterproductive from a nutritional standpoint. In fact, you’ll stand to gain even more weight and destroy your metabolism in the process!
You’ll discover the reasons why Type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart illness, dementia, and obesity are increasing at a terrifying rate… and find out what really works when it comes to preventing these illnesses.
In Episode 2 (How To Burn Fat and Lose Weight), you’ll learn why you should stop counting calories if you want to lose weight quickly AND safely. (Hint: the secret to effortless and sustainable weight loss is WAY simpler than you think!).
For the longest time, we’ve been led to think that we need to cut down on calories and spend a good chunk of our time working out. But this outdated approach isn’t just counterproductive, but also dangerous!
Episode 3 (The Truth About Diabetes) reveals the solution to what experts are calling “a lifestyle-driven epidemic.” Learn how to put yourself in charge of your dietary choices so you can prevent type 2 diabetes or turn it around.
Most people don’t realize how their eating habits are sabotaging their metabolism. A lot of foods cause a huge spike in our blood sugar, which could lead to hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance and ultimately, type 2 diabetes. And things only get worse from there - it could also open the door to chronic inflammation and even cancer!
In Episode 4 (Gut Health), you’ll discover how the unique ecosystem of your gut bacteria affects your overall health (and how to keep it in perfect balance).
Uncover the real reasons why your digestive system is at the root of all of your health concerns, whether it’s your immune system, mental health, or even the general quality of your life!
You can use this knowledge to heal your body inside out, boost your energy levels, lift your brain fog, lose weight, and more.
In Episode 5 (Problems with Gluten and Gluten Free, What Next?), we expose the truth about gluten and a ‘gluten-free’ diet. Don’t fall for the trap of weeding gluten from your diet and replacing it with something just as unhealthy!
Become an expert on identifying gluten-free “junk foods” so you can steer clear of them and avoid feeling sick.
In Episode 6 (Fighting Cancer With Nutrition), we’ll tackle the big “C.” Discover why cancer is like a plant and how our environment causes it to thrive.
Understand the importance of epigenetics and the role it plays in your personal cancer risk. Which people get cancer and what can you do to avoid it?
Episode 7 (Sleep, Toxins, and Autoimmune Wellness), shows you what to do if you have a type of autoimmune disease.
We’ll help you negotiate your way through treatment options and learn how to manage this condition - and even keep it at bay for good. Finally, you’ll get the answers you need and stop your immune system from attacking you!
In Episode 8 (Are Fake Sweeteners Worse Than Sugar?) we find out the shocking truth about the shortening life expectancy of our children’s and grandchildren’s generations.
We’re living in a time where brightly-colored artificial food is cleverly designed to appeal to the senses - but offer ZERO nutrition. Learn how to see through the clever marketing of so-called “health foods” before it’s too late.
Discover how the science behind ‘sugar dysregulation’ is slowly killing us - and how to STOP it!

Meet The Experts

Join me and the FHY team as we travel around the world interviewing specialists, scientists, and survivors about their secrets to living longer, preventing and reversing illnesses.

Dr. Carl Bamlet
Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Dr Alan Christianson
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Dr Victoria Flight
General Medicine Practitioner, Nutrition Specialist
Samantha McSorley
Herbalist, Naturopath
Diane V Capaldi
Founder of Paleo Boss Lady
Dr Eric Wood
Naturopathic Physician
Dr Rodney Ford
Pediatrician, Assoc. Professor
Elora Harre
Founder of The Shrinking Violet
Mark Webster
Naturopathic Pharmacist

The Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System is the only one of its kind that focuses on the root cause of modern illnesses brought about by our “convenient” lifestyle.

This is more than just a documentary series. The Food, Health, & You features a Complete Implementation System which takes a revolutionary approach and provides much more than just simple facts.
We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to help you radically transform the current state of your well-being and keep you healthy into old age.
With our system, you’ll cultivate the essential habits that will build the foundations for the next several decades.
So on top of our eye-opening documentary series, you’ll get a wealth of course content that contains life-saving information.
What Makes Food, Health, & You different?
  • It Gets To The Root Cause of Poor Health – Instead of merely masking the symptoms with prescription drugs, you’ll learn how to identify and treat the underlying issues. That way, they don’t have to get in the way of living your life again.
  • You’ll Get Our Life-Changing Insights – We’ve gathered the leading health and illness-prevention experts in one place. That means you’ll get the most objective, unbiased advice possible so you can create a lifestyle that supports your goals. None of these experts are funded by food corporations or the “Big Pharma,” so their only mission is to arm you with the truth to destroy the biggest threats to your health!
  • You’ll Get a Practical Approach to Get Amazing Results – Food, Health, & You was created with the purpose of making your transition to healthy living as smoothly as possible. These changes will integrate into your life seamlessly and you’ll never feel deprived even after you’ve made the switch.
  • We’ll Help You Take Concrete Action – How many times have you read a book or watched a documentary and wanted to change something in your life… but never actually did anything about it? One of the core strengths of Food, Health, & You is that it’s more than a documentary series. It’s a holistic system that’s going to propel you into taking action so you can get tangible results.

For Members Only: Exclusive FREE Gifts To Fast-Track Your Journey To Optimal Health

Order the Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System today and you’ll also receive our exclusive FREE gifts that will accelerate your health even more.
Here’s a preview of what you’re going to get:

Gift #1:

Exclusive access to FOUR ADDITIONAL MODULES from The Food, Health, & You Documentary Series

These cost over $125,000 to produce and you’ll understand why when you see the quality of production that has gone into this. But I want you to have this at NO ADDITIONAL COST because I care so much about your health and want to make sure you don’t miss out on this VITAL information.
Each of these modules contain never-before-seen episodes from the docuseries PLUS the written guides. Here’s what to expect:
Episode 9: Is Soy Causing Sickness? Learn about the REAL effects of soy on people, how it can throw off their natural hormonal balance - especially in children.
Learn how to get off the soy train and unlearn the narrative we’ve been fed for years.
Episode 10: Beating Inflammation & Joint Pain - Find out how to deal with osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis. Most people don’t realize that both conditions have a lot of similarities, which makes it easier to treat both!
You’ll also learn how to eliminate the critical factors that contribute to inflammation, so you can live a pain-free life and restore your mobility.
You’ll also learn how to eliminate the critical factors that contribute to inflammation, so you can live a pain-free life and restore your mobility.
Episode 11: Exploring the Links Between Food & Depression - we’ll reveal the enormous impact obesity has on mental health. Find out the role food plays in combating symptoms of depression and improving your emotional state.
Food and depression is a chicken-and-egg type of situation. Does obesity cause depression? Or does depression fuel the habits that lead to obesity? Our experts will show you how to get out of this nutritional mess!
Episode 12: Pharmaceuticals - The Health Heist of the Century - Learn how the drug industry controls the flow of medical information that directly affects us all. We’ll explore our unhealthy relationship with prescription drugs so you can ultimately escape this culture of health shortcuts.

Gift #2:

The Food, Health, & You Companion Guide

To make sure you get the most out of this system, each module comes with a companion guide that highlights the most important points for each episode. This guide also comes with quizzes and exercises to help you internalize the core concepts of each episode even more.
That way, you’ll accelerate the learning process and get results in half the time!
You can look forward to losing weight faster, raising your energy levels to new heights and boosting your immune system even more!

Gift #3:

The Food, Health, & You Transformational Cookbook

The Food, Health, & You Transformational Cookbook is one of the most comprehensive recipe books in the world of healthy eating.
You’ll get the tastiest, most nutritionally-dense recipes that won’t just satisfy your taste buds, but ALSO give your body what it needs!
Ronnie, our in-house chef, will guide you through the entire process so you’ll quickly learn how to cook up a storm of super healthy, easy-to-prepare dishes. With over 200 delicious recipes to choose from, you’ll never run out of tasty ideas, or worry about what to eat ever again.

Gift #4:

The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing

Not all food is made equal, and this information-packed book features ONLY the best foods that your body needs!
With our list of superfoods, you’ll provide yourself with the cleanest source of nutritional energy to keep you fueled throughout the day.
You’ll also learn about the healthiest but often overlooked foods that offer a TON of cancer-fighting antioxidants, anti-inflammatory micronutrients, and much more!
That means you’ll naturally heal your body, keep your hormones balanced, stabilize your blood sugar levels and make your immune system the strongest it’s ever been in decades!
You’ll definitely get a lot of value out of this free gift. With over 50 pages of nutritional information, you’ll kickstart your new lifestyle sooner than you think!

Gift #5:

21 Day Meal Plan

The FHY team has put together the ultimate guide to staying healthy for life. With this 21-day planner, we’ll show you exactly how to go about each week.
Studies show that willpower is a finite resource, and it quickly gets depleted by all the decisions you make throughout the day. So with this bonus book, you’ll take the difficulty out of deciding what to eat.
We want to make it easier for you to commit a lifetime of healthy eating, and preparing your meals in advance is the BEST way to do that.
You’ll stay on track even if you’ve had a long, stressful day and your willpower is next to ZERO. You’ll never have to default to ordering pizza or fast food ever again!

Our Promise to You:
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We want you to feel completely confident with getting the Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System today…
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Remember, you’re getting all 12 episodes of our groundbreaking documentary series, plus the video transcripts and companion guides to go with them.
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We’ve included all of this quality content as part of our mission is to educate people about the often ignored (or suppressed!) truths about food and nutrition.
We want you to know which foods which will help you a chance to live longer and heal you from the inside.
Not only that, we want to equip you with the knowledge to deal with the biggest health threats plaguing our modern lifestyle.
Above all, we want to help you cultivate the habits that will treat these hidden threats from your life.
Once you’ve gotten those dangers out of the way, you’ll prevent illness, turn your body into a fat-burning furnace, enjoy tremendous amounts of energy and gain incredible mental clarity.
So believe us when we say that we’re here for you.

The Cycle Of Unhealthy Eating And Quick-Fix Medication Ends Today

The FHY team and I are committed to helping people break away from the kind of lifestyle that food companies and “Big Pharma” corporations impose on us all.
Everyone needs to know that they don’t have to be under their spell anymore, nor do they have to be crushed under their bottom line.
We’re here to revolutionize people’s health and put a stop to the health epidemic that’s gripping the world today.
By learning about REAL nutrition, we can all get off the beaten path paved with artificial, processed food that’s slowly killing us.
Instead of spending thousands of dollars on treatments that only address the symptoms and not the ROOT CAUSE of modern-day illnesses… can make a small investment today that will positively impact the quality of your life for DECADES to come!
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  • Food, Health, & You - this is the main documentary series that features the first eight episodes… PLUS the four, never-before-seen episodes. You can download the digital version instantly, order the physical DVD copy, or get both.
  • The Food, Health, & You Transformational Cookbook - This is one of the most comprehensive recipe books in the world of healthy eating. With over 200 delicious recipes to choose from, you’ll never run out of tasty ideas, or worry about what to eat ever again.
  • GIFT #1: Exclusive access to FOUR additional modules contain the docuseries episodes and written guides
  • GIFT #2: The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing
  • GIFT #3: 21-Day Meal Plan (valued at $197)
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Please choose the package below that suits your needs:

Digital Package
Online Access Only


  • 8 Original Episodes (Digital)
  • 4 Additional, Never-Before-Seen Episodes (Digital)
  • Companion Guide and Transcript For Each Episode (PDF)
  • Transformational Cookbook (PDF)
  • The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing (PDF)
  • 21-Day Meal Plan (PDF)
See product details

Digital & Physical Package (Everything!)
Physical Version + Online Access


  • 8 Original Episodes (DVD + Digital)
  • 4 Additional, Never-Before-Seen Episodes (Physical + Digital)
  • Companion Guide and Transcript For Each Episode (PDF and Hard Copy)
  • Transformational Cookbook (PDF and Hard Copy)
  • The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing (PDF and Hard Copy)
  • 21-Day Meal Plan (PDF and Hard Copy)
See product details

Physical Package
DVDs + Printed Books


  • 8 Original Episodes (DVD)
  • 4 Additional, Never-Before-Seen Episodes (DVD)
  • Companion Guide and Transcript For Each Episode
  • Transformational Cookbook
  • The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing
  • 21-Day Meal Plan
See product details

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Whether you, your family, or your friends are suffering from illness, this system will give you the answers you’ve been looking for.
Everything you’ll learn is 100% scientifically-backed and has been tested by men and women like you who’ve experienced health issues of their own. Using the natural illness preventions and lifestyle changes outlined in this system, they’ve enjoyed solid, lasting results.
Today, you can take your first step to freedom. You no longer have to fall for the slick, marketing machinery of food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies and keep giving them your business.
You deserve a better life than the one they’re forcing on you and everyone else.
Once you have my Complete Implement System, you’ll get direct access to the wealth of knowledge and resources.
You’ll get expert guidance from myself, my team, and many other medical experts…
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Get rid of brain fog, blast stubborn body fat, elevate your mood, enjoy radiant skin and hair, and fortify your gut health. You’ll also escape the looming shadow of man-made illnesses by building a robust immune system.
In this state, you’re free to do anything you want without having to hold yourself back because of health issues.
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YES! Please send me the Food, Health, & You Complete Implementation System Today!

Digital Package
Online Access Only


  • 8 Original Episodes (Digital)
  • 4 Additional, Never-Before-Seen Episodes (Digital)
  • Companion Guide and Transcript For Each Episode (PDF)
  • Transformational Cookbook (PDF)
  • The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing (PDF)
  • 21-Day Meal Plan (PDF)
See product details

Digital & Physical Package (Everything!)
Physical Version + Online Access


  • 8 Original Episodes (DVD + Digital)
  • 4 Additional, Never-Before-Seen Episodes (Physical + Digital)
  • Companion Guide and Transcript For Each Episode (PDF and Hard Copy)
  • Transformational Cookbook (PDF and Hard Copy)
  • The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing (PDF and Hard Copy)
  • 21-Day Meal Plan (PDF and Hard Copy)
See product details

Physical Package
DVDs + Printed Books


  • 8 Original Episodes (DVD)
  • 4 Additional, Never-Before-Seen Episodes (DVD)
  • Companion Guide and Transcript For Each Episode
  • Transformational Cookbook
  • The Top 77 Superfoods for Healing
  • 21-Day Meal Plan
See product details

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How long will it take for my package to arrive?

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Yes, Food, Health & You is supported by a full 8-week money back guarantee.
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